How we go



Love won't ever look the same.
The same as it did before.
It will come wearing different clothes.
At a different time of day.
With a different form of hello.
At first, it may make you sad,
thinking of the last time.
Or catch you off guard
shoot it a smile.
Say hi back.
When love shows up,
allow your heart to trust it again.
Let yourself laugh at the madness.
Let your mind sink into the feels.
Let yourself go a little wild.
Don't skip this step.
Remember after all,
This is your favorite part.




The moon and the sun,

lovers of the sky,

crossed paths for a moment,

and all was romantic in the world.



If you’re constantly comparing today to yesterday,

or pressuring it to be tomorrow,

it will never have a chance to be what it's meant to be.


Trail Magic

Trail Magic

I saw what I saw

and felt what I felt.

He took that turn,

so that I could meet you.

As the moon crossed paths with the sun,

we chiseled that path in the dirt.

And it all happened so that we would be here.

Exactly where we are.

There is such a thing as trail magic.

Holy Shit. I made it.

Holy Shit. I made it.

That one leaf

that was green yesterday,

is bright auburn with paths of orange 


Effortless changes 

we're able to sit and enjoy the view.

The process of becoming something even more wonderful,

and all in a day. 

I think just watching,

I might have changed too. 

Home again

Home again

We arrived at a new place,

only it wasn’t new at all.

I think I may have lived here

in another life,

another time.

Part of me was here waiting on me. 

Home again, home again

Those Autumn leaves danced around us

as we greeted each other.

Those towns I didn't know existed

Those towns I didn't know existed

As we drove through those towns

I didn’t know existed,

I knew exactly who I was. 

I never felt 

more at home.

And we're off!..the grid.

And we're off!..the grid.

You know those little towns where you stop and ask for directions and they reply with,

“Just keep going around the mountain til you come to Big Daddy’s. Hang a left, and then a right at the pharmacy. You’ll cross the railroad and see the river. Keep goin. When you come to the old cemetery on your left and the little white Baptist church on your right, you’re there!” 

..I think those little towns are America’s best kept secrets. 

Home is where we are. Who is how we go.

Home is where we are. Who is how we go.
I've made it a personal choice in my life to invest time and energy into the things that bring me joy and make me feel alive. Often times small, s...