If you’re constantly comparing today to yesterday,

or pressuring it to be tomorrow,

it will never have a chance to be what it's meant to be.


October 28,  2017                                                                                                      

Day 10 off the grid

Today as I looked outside, it was a little bit more colorful and a tad bit more fall than it was yesterday. I went for a workout near the railroad and river, and then decided to find a trail to hike. This trail was neat, a little tucked away hidden path. I had to walk along the railroad within the woods for about a half mile before I even got to it. I felt like a little girl just moseying along the tracks. Getting lost in my own thoughts, singing to myself, chuckling at funny things in my head. I like those authentic moments. When your inner child pops in and pays a visit for awhile, and you know you’re truly living in the moment. Kids don’t have that problem that adults have: being present. They don’t replay and compare today to yesterday in a negative way, and they don’t have anxiety over tomorrow. When I see glimpses of my inner child, I always think of it as a very well timed gift. Little Havo is usually popping in for a reason.

It was a steep hike, but the views were epic and amazing. I felt those changing leaves pulling me in, not wanting me to leave, and I didn’t want to leave them either! As we drove out of Nantahala later that morning, I could feel myself slowly unclenching my fist, not wanting to loosen my hold on this place, but also looking forward onto the next. I know we’ll be back.

We were headed towards the Gatlinburg area, and made a stop in Cherokee, NC. I looked around at a couple little shops, and chatted with some locals. It was an adorable little town with so many outdoor activities. One lady said to me as she sent me off, “Look out for the wild elk! You may just see some on your way out of Cherokee!” Low and behold, about 2 minutes down the road, that open field was FULL of roaming wild elk. It felt like a good omen. It made me think of my spirit guide/guardian angel.

This has been such a spontaneous, flow-with-the-wind trip. It’s been amazing, but almost nothing has gone as planned. This trip has been exactly what I wanted, but didn’t know I wanted, if that makes sense. I keep seeing a mental picture of my spirit guide leading Dottie and I on our trail. Looking out for us, placing us at just the right places, at just the right times. Introducing us to people she knows we need to meet, presenting us with opportunities for conversations that mean something and will stick. Putting us in front of views that pull our hearts and transform our thoughts. I can’t get that mental picture out of my head. Pulling and guiding us along our path, keeping us safe and in the light. I’ve never felt more content, more at ease, more free and on fire than I have on this trip. I haven’t worried a single time. It’s not that things haven’t gone wrong. Mishaps have definitelyyyyy happened. The power has gone out, the trailer hitch completely broke and had to be replaced, things (many things) have broken and/or not worked, the roof is leaking again...standard stuff that always seems to go wrong in these situations. But it’s my reactions that are different. I’m not feeling anxious or worried when there’s a problem. I’m in a head space where I’m only seeing solutions. I don’t feel like being a problem maker, but a solver instead.

It feels nice, to just let today be exactly what it is:






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