Home is where we are. Who is how we go.

I've made it a personal choice in my life to invest time and energy into the things that bring me joy and make me feel alive. Often times small, simple, even overlooked, other times big. But if it makes me laugh, treats me with kindness, enhances my life for good, and encourages me to be a better person, I'm in. 

I have a lust for adventure.

I thirst for an open road, a hike to a waterfall, a paddle down the river, a day on the lake, camping in the midst of earthy scenery. Nature calls, and I must go! Dottie is my partner in crime that has given me a gift. She enhances my love to travel and see our country's great outdoors. 

Dottie has brought me so much happiness over this past year. Purchased on Craigslist in pretty bad shape, she's been completely refurbished, renovated, painted, tiled, and decorated from head to toe! From the reframed structure, all the way to the hand sewn curtains, the makeover experience was completely personal and deeply connective. The project itself was challenging, rewarding, and sometimes just CRAZY. But she has taught me a lot, is an unconditional home, and is bringing me endless adventures. 


Come see the world through her eyes and follow our journey. In October, Dottie and I are hitching up, disconnecting from mainstream society, and connecting with US. OUR WAY. We'll embark on a 5 week journey in tow, just us two. Follow the ride, see how we go :)



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  • Truly an inspiration in everything you do Haven. I cannot wait to hear about what you learn on your five-week journey. I am proud of you. You are someone that has been through all of the fires of trying to love yourself and come out on top as is evident with “Self Love.” I believe in you and what you do! I know many other people will find their versions of self love because of you!


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