Spring to Summer Challenge

Spring to Summer Challenge

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Summer is around the corner! Maybe you want to take part in a healthy challenge for yourself, maybe you want to jumpstart your physical goals, or maybe you just need to spice up your routine to break out of quarantine! Whatever the case, the Spring to Summer Challenge is an exciting way to kick it up a notch. Killer workouts, delicious recipes, and a support system to Spring you into living a healthy, balanced lifestyle on your own.

Boost your metabolism by nourishing properly. Workout SMARTER (not necessarily harder), and reach your personalized mental and physical goals.This one month program will help you change your whole mindset on what it means to be healthy.


1 Month Program Includes: 

  • Body composition assessment 
  • Nutrition/Fitness Consultation and coaching
  • Workout routine & schedule
  • Nutrition plan (Weekly Meal Prep, Grocery Lists, Recipes, etc.)
  • Guidance and mentorship throughout the month